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Learn how to develop strength and power for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This free, two Day workout plan will guide you through the exercises, rep by rep.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF!  You feel weak whenever you're rolling with an opponent of equal skill set.

The reason for this is because you lack muscular strength, endurance and power.

Lucky for you, this FREE, one day Max Strength and Dynamic Power split will help you improve just that.

Improve Your Strength: You'll Be Able To Better Deal With Takedowns, Sweeps, Passes And Submissions. Discourage Your Opponent From Advancing With Stronger Defense. 
Become Stronger, More Explosive: Better Control Your Opponent, Escape Their Set Ups And Disadvantageous Positions While Securing A More Dominant Position Yourself.
VIDEO Library: Each exercise will be demonstrated in a video form. VALUE: $49
Workout Schedule: This free 2 day workout program comes with a schedule that includes specific sets, reps and tempo to capitalize on your strength and power development. Value: $37

Lifetime Access: No time or day limit. Access your free workout library at any time.

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Jitsu Strong 2 Day Strength and Power Split for BJJ min

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Here is what's included in this 2 day split...

PDF-With 2 Day workout split. First day consists of Max Upper and Dynamic lower. The second day consists of Max Lower and Dynamic Upper exercises.  Sets, reps, exercises and tempo are included. Value $37

Access to VIDEO library demonstrating each exercise to guide you on a correct form to reduce or eliminate the mistakes you could potentially make.  Value: $49

The Total Value Of This Free Program: $86

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